Race Rules

 Race Rules:

  • All races are 1/8 mile.
  • Throttle stops allowed/no stutter boxes.
  • Slew rate controls are prohibited.
  • Random car inspections may be performed at any time.
  • MSD Ignition box 7531 is prohibited.
  • Autostart and crosstalk in effect.
  • Door cars and dragsters called to lanes separate, first 5 rounds in all races.
  • Buy Backs First Round Only.
  • All buybacks race each other in a separate round before advancing to second round.
  • Two drivers may drive one car.
  • One driver can drive 2 cars but NOT the same car twice.
  • A car and/or driver can only go down the track 2 times total, entering more than 2 times is not allowed for car or driver.
  • Bye run is pulled by random first round.
  • Best reaction time gets the bye run after first round (closest to dial tiebreaker).
  • (1) bye run per driver unless everyone has had one.
  • Bye run carries over into the next round if not used.
  • A ladder will start at 8 cars, new ladder each round based off of reaction times.
  • The bye run from the round before goes to the bottom of the ladder.
  • Diapers are mandatory, they will be for sale and assistance available at the event.
  • If it is physically impossible to get a diaper on your car you will be allowed to race.
  • If we have a rainout during a round, we will go to the previously completed round and split all purse money equally.
  • If you win a round and your car breaks you may switch cars with a race directors approval, if you get caught switching without approval you will be disqualified.
  • 3% charge will apply to anyone using a credit card.
  • All rules and schedules are subject to change per Folk Promotions discretion.
  • In 2017 Cody Harger performed 36 quarterfinal or better tech inspections as well as random tech inspections throughout the entire race weekend.  Cody will be back in 2017 to ensure everyone at the Million is racing under the fairest conditions.
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