Race Rules

New Rules for 2023

No-Box will be kept separate until there is one remaining, then added to the door car side • Once no-box is added to door cars, delay box is allowed to be installed • No double entries in no-box, a no-box racer may run a second entry in box • CrossTalk can be turned off if designated by the faster no-box car (when classes are combined) must run circled N on window • Door cars will be kept separate from dragsters until the ladder round • Each (no-box, door cars, & dragsters) will have their own bye run until the ladder round • If in the event a door car and dragster are both carrying a bye to the ladder round, the best react of those two will carry it onto the ladder. Electric Vehicles are not permitted in competition.

  • All races are 1/8 mile.
  • All forms of doubles allowed (see above for no-box).
  • A car and/or driver can only go down the track 2 times total.
  • Re-Entry First Round Only.
  • Re-Entry round in the Warm-Up Race & Triple 50’s races are time permitting.
  • Re-Entry round: all “buybacks” race each other in a separate round before advancing to second round.
  • Bye run is pulled by random tech card drawing first round.
  • Best reaction time gets the bye run after first round (closest to dial tiebreaker).
  • (1) bye run per driver unless everyone has had one.
  • Bye run carries over into the next round if not used, including ladder rounds.
  •  In the event of even pairings, the bye car will have lane choice.
  • A pro ladder will start at 16 cars or less, new ladder each round based off of reaction times – best reaction time gets lane choice.
  • Diapers are mandatory, they will be for sale and assistance will be available at the event.  If it is physically impossible to get a diaper on your car you will be allowed to race.
  • If we have a rainout during a round, we will go to the previously completed round and split all purse money equally.
  • If you win a round and your car breaks, you may switch cars with a race director’s approval, if you get caught switching without approval you will be disqualified.
  • Throttle stops allowed/no stutter boxes.
  • Slew rate controls are prohibited.
  • Photocell reading devices are prohibited.
  • MSD Ignition box 7531 is prohibited.
  • AutoStart and CrossTalk in effect.
  • Random car inspections may be performed at any time throughout the entire race weekend.
  • 3.5% service fee will apply to anyone using a credit card.
  • All rules and schedules are subject to change per Folk Promotions discretion.
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