Folk Promotions Releases Statement Concerning Traction Control and Illegal Devices

Montgomery, AL — The CARS Million Dollar Race at Montgomery Raceway Park is less than two weeks away and Folk Promotions has released a statement concerning traction control and other illegal devices used to improve the consistency of cars in Bracket Racing.

The MSD Digital 7731, MSD Grid ARC Module 7761, and other devices used to control engine acceleration via rev limiting (stuttering) are prohibited at the Million Dollar Race. Devices that use slew rate or drive shaft speed to control the timing of an engine are also prohibited. Continue reading

Million Dollar Race celebrates 20 years of making dreams come true

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Of course, everyone wants to be and thanks to the CARS Protection Plus Million Dollar Drag Race, racers across North American have had the opportunity to enjoy a life-changing experience for the last two decades. Celebrating its historic 20th anniversary in 2015, the CARS Protection Plus Million Dollar Drag Race will return to Montgomery Motorsports Park on Oct. 2225, 2015. Continue reading

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